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5 Online Marketing Strategies Every Entrepreneur Should Know

That the internet has radically transformed how we market, promote, and build our businesses is a given. Looking at marketing communications and marketing strategy, the two big differences for businesses between today and say just some five years ago is…

Looking back at my many years in marketing communications and some lessons learned

marketing communications lessonsEarly in my marketing communications career, after only a few years in business, sometime in the early 1980s, I saw an ad in a magazine and decided to call on a prospective client. At that time, I was calling on


Traditional media, the “GAF” effect, whereto now?

A client, and I refer to something that happened sometime time ago, had a swag of technical brochures he wanted to label as his company’s for release in the local market. He pretty much used the overseas material an just …


Welcome to the new JG Marketing Services website

Years ago, going back something like 20 or so years ago, trying to convince clients and prospective clients, the thinking was ok so you say


More on B2B and Social Media

Social Media can no longer be ignored by B2B organisations. It’s now a definite go.

Social media is no longer just the go-to place for those wanting to touch base with others, but is now also a marketing tool that


Can B2B companies ignore social media?

While B2C has had a good go at social media, B2B is still unsure.

At a recent meeting with a client, with whom we are in the process of developing a website, I asked about the social media accounts that


How to set up a quick website: waterlinkspin.com.au

With a new product update in the works, a show where this would be launched in a show that was only a matter of weeks away, our long-time client, Vendart Pty Ltd. asked us just what we could do…

New website for Australian Security Technology Pty Ltd (ASTPL)

Australian Security Technology Pty Ltd (ASTPL)’s new website has just gone live.

A client going back some six or seven years has recently upgraded their website. This is the third iteration of the site and it has been designed to


Long-form vs short-form content – continued

Part two of an earlier post.We continue our discussion on long-form vs short-form content.The author of the article referred to in the previous post, John E Lincoln says that search engines seem to intrinsically love long content, “but you’ll…

Long-form content (or long copy) vs. Short-form content (short copy): Which is better?

Remember the long and short copy debate, when print was king? So, which side has won?  Long-form content (long copy) vs Short-form content, who wins over the reader/viewer?In today’s fast-paced, digital world, it’s so easy to say that definitely…
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