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Can B2B companies ignore social media?

While B2C has had a good go at social media, B2B is still unsure.

At a recent meeting with a client, with whom we are in the process of developing a website, I asked about the social media accounts that


Good news can be a great marcomms coup for Qantas

A good news article can become the basis of a great marketing communications effort.Let’s face it bad publicity can really set any business back really badly. Take Qantas a few years ago, with all the union trouble that the…

Your social media efforts: focusing on some points

Social media is an important part of the marcomms mix. It’s both an art and a science.Despite the inference of the visual used for this post, there’s no magic in Social Media. It really just requires planning and hard work.…

Instagram Advertising

Here we present a post from a Uni student in Advertising. Actually, it’s from my daughter, Samantha, who is very much on the ball. I’ve been working on a post on Social Media since last week and after lunch a


Still more on social media

Here are some more thoughts on the subject of social media. I came across a recent article in AdWeek, which discussed how some B2B brands are making strides in social media.The main thrust of the article is that…

Social Media and B2B Marketing Communication: more thoughts

When I first set up a website in 1997, to find our website was easy. Ok, it was slow to download (remember dial-up), even if the site was light on pics and didn’t have much content or only had a…
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